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Fri, Apr 23rd, 2021
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Forum Rules and Policies
The intent of the forums is to have open and honest discussions about the various topics; however, certain rules must be observed.

  1. Please keep messages PG. Assume children are present (as they may well be) and only post messages appropriate for children.

  2. Please try to keep messages on topic to the forum.

  3. We can obviously delete and/or edit messages posted on this site. We will only delete messages that are obviously without merit (if you feel we deleted your message unjustly; please email us, we will be happy to discuss this with you). If we edit a message, we will make this obvious using something like "[ed. ... ]" or otherwise indicating that changes were made. Under no circumstance will we modify a message without indicating such. We want to promote discussion (otherwise we wouldn't have bothered with these forums), but we will take steps to insure that those whose only intent is to disrupt discussion are thwarted (this is not a challenge:).

  4. Messages posted are owned by the poster. We are not not reponsible for anything whatsoever.

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