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Fri, Apr 23rd, 2021
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ImageKeep Express 1 - Technical Q&A Forum
Discussion on how and why things work in ImageKeep Express including areas such as database files, image handling, program configuration, etc.
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exif data

I just created a new database for a bunch of fresh, unprocessed digital camera images - the exif data is still there for all images. When I started inserting images in the new database, the program presented a box "Unknown Meta Data Field", containing "No Matching Mapping or Field Found for Meta Data Field: 'Make'! If I select "Add New Custom Field for All Unknown Meta Data Fields", the images insert with exif data displayed in Image Properties' Custom Fields tab. However, the values for aperature, shutter speed, brightness, focal length, etc. are expressed as fractions, either 10/value or value/10, with the value itself multiplied by 10. For example, an aperture setting of f2.8 appears as 28/10, shutter speed of 1/90 appears as 10/900, etc. Being old and slow, it took me awhile to make sense of the numbers. Is this normal, a bug, or something I did?

--Harry F Burris on Thu, Oct 23rd, 2003 11:44:15 UTC


The technical explanation is that those fields are defined in the EXIF spec as a RATIONAL (fraction) and a RATIONAL field (per the spec) is stored as two 32 bit integers, the numerator and the denominator. Since integers can't store decimals, they muliplied both the numerator and denominator by 10 to preserve the decimal portion (i.e. they converted 2.8/1 to 28/10). Why they didn't use decimal numbers (floating point), I don't know. If you are interested, a copy of the EXIF spec is here: http://www.exif.org/Exif2-2.PDF

Right now, ImageKeep just basically copies the data blindly without trying to interpret it. Perhaps in a future version of ImageKeep it would be a good idea to provide some sort of conversion to something saner. This would assume that the camera manufacturers are consistant, of course.

Hope this helps.

--Derry Bryson on Thu, Oct 23rd, 2003 12:22:50 UTC

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