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ImageKeep Express 1 - Technical Q&A Forum
Discussion on how and why things work in ImageKeep Express including areas such as database files, image handling, program configuration, etc.
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ID & Filename fields

I am new to this programme and as thick as two short planks when it comes to computers
I imported a database into Imagekeep from Access and by some form of magic the first two fields of my database appear in "Filename" the first of these fields is the images file number in its entirety, and the second field is the images description severely truncated because of the number of characters allowed.
From my point of view this importing of the two most important fields from the Access data base into Imagekeep has the potential to save me hundreds of hours of data entry if I could increase the the length of Filename to 50 or 100 charactors.
Is this possible?? can it be made possible?
Please someone MAKE MY DAY


--Kirby Wright on Wed, Jan 14th, 2004 12:16:11 UTC


I'm not quite sure what is happening from your description, but I will explain a little about how the import works and provide a suggestion.

The import dialog allows you to map fields from your import file into fields in the ImageBase (which you can select by clicking twice in the 'Import Field' column). If the first line of your import file contains field names or descriptions, you can have ImageKeep try to use those to map to fields of the same name or description in the ImageBase. The Image ID field is always automatically assigned.

Certain fields in the ImageBase will be determined from the actual image file being imported (specified as the '{Local Image Filename}') regardless of what fields you may map from your import file. These fields include the Filename, Path, Volume, and the image date fields. In general, this is what you want since ImageKeep uses these fields to access the actual image file data (unless you store the images in the ImageBase, in which case this will store the original file name and location).

When importing, you must always specify a field to map to the '{Local Image Filename}' and it must include the complete path and filename of the image being imported.

If you have ID and Filename fields you would like preserved from your Access database, then I would suggest creating custom fields in the ImageBase to hold those values (using ImageBase Properties) and then mapping the fields from the import file to the ImageBase custom fields you create. You may need to have the Filename field appear twice for each entry in your import file.

--Derry Bryson on Wed, Jan 14th, 2004 12:51:05 UTC

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