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Mon, Sep 27th, 2021
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ImageKeep Express 1
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ImageKeep Express 1

Supported Image File Formats

ImageKeep Express can read (and possibly write) the following image file formats.

Description Extension(s) Can Write
Windows or OS/2 bitmapbmpYes
Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine imagedcmNo
ZSoft IBM PC multi-page PaintbrushdcxYes
Windows or OS/2 dibdibYes
Group 3 FaxfaxYes
Flexible Image Transport SystemfitsYes
GIF CompuServe graphics interchange formatgifYes
Microsoft IconicoNo
Amiga IFFilbmNo
JPEG-2000 JP2 File Format Syntaxjp2Yes
JPEG-2000 Code Stream SyntaxjpcYes
JPEG JFIF formatjpg, jpeg, jfifYes
Magick image file formatmiffYes
Multiple-image Network GraphicsmngYes
Magick Vector GraphicsmvgYes
Portable bitmap formatpbmYes
Photo CDpcd, pcdsYes*
ZSoft IBM PC Paintbrush filepcxYes
Portable graymap formatpgmYes
Apple Macintosh QuickDraw/PICTpictYes
Alias/Wavefront RLE image formatpixNo
Portable Network GraphicspngYes
Portable anymappnmYes
Portable pixmap formatppmYes
Adobe Photoshop bitmap filepsdyes
Pyramid encoded TIFFptifyes
Radiance image fileradNo
Alias/Wavefront imagerlaNo
Utah Run length encoded imagerleNo
Scitex Continuous Tone Picture imagesctNo
Seattle Film Works imagesfwNo
Irix RGB imagesgiYes
SUN RasterfilesunYes
Truevision Targa imagetgaYes
TIFF (Tagged Image File Format)tif, tiffYes
PSX TIM filetimNo
Khoros Visualization imageviffYes
X Windows system bitmapxbmYes
X Windows system pixmapxpmYes

*Will only write the low-res version.
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